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Ukraine – de Lage Landen Consulting Group is supporting the international networking event “Women for Sustainable Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships” that will be held in Frankfurt am Main on 27-29 September 2019. The purpose of the event is to inform the women-professionals about current trends, tools and benchmarks in sustainable infrastructure and public-private partnerships and to provide networking opportunities and support for their future activities. The event is organized by SDG.17 Consulting GmbH together with its partners World Association of PPP units and PPP professionals (WAPP), German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (BVMW), Frankfurt Valley and PPP Knowledge Hub.

The world is loosing out on USD 160 trillion because of gender inequality. Gender equality is not only about ensuring social balance and helping socially vulnerable groups, but is also about the design and quality of the infrastructure asset - and if an asset is not designed sustainably, it will be not used in a sustainable way. Very often infrastructure projects, including public–private partnerships, do not take a systematic approach to gender issues. Applying a gender lens to the design of infrastructure projects creates decent work opportunities for women, i.e. by limiting the number of work hours per day to allow time for other activities, or by providing child-care facilities at worksites. The achievement of gender equality and empowerment of women is at the center of the SDG Agenda. SDG 5 is specifically dedicated to gender equality, which is central to the concept of people-first PPPs, coined by the UNECE to bring value for people as well as for climate to the infrastructure/PPP value chain.


Who are the women in the infrastructure value chain?

Women are direct users of infrastructure. They are important users of and contributors to physical infrastructure (including roads, airports, housing), as well as social infrastructure such as education, health, childcare centres, and other social services and public spaces.

  • Women are stakeholders. They might not necessarily be using an infrastructure asset but they could benefit from or to be impacted by infrastructure in a negative way, e.g. noise from airport, air pollution from highway traffic or absence of kindergartens or schools in close proximity.
  • Women are professionals who create infrastructure assets and are participating in its value chain. They are public officials, architects, planners, advisors, engineers, developers, managers, financiers, among others.
  • Women create added value by bringing insight and knowledge. They bring new perspectives and are known for “transformational" leadership versus “transactional” leadership.

How to empower their voice and to protect their interests?

The purpose of the event is to accelerate gender mainstreaming in infrastructure development and align it with the SDGs. Furthermore, the event is a networking opportunity intended to support women working in the infrastructure sector and, in particular, with public-private partnership projects. We advocate for greater representation of women in the infrastructure sector and provide opportunities and tools for women to connect with each other. This is the first of a series of annual events, and we are open to cooperation with all entities and individuals. If you have an idea or would like to suggest a speaker, please get in touch with us! We would very happy to hear from you. 


Would you like to participate?

The program starts with a welcome cocktail on 27 September and will be followed up with a busy day on 28 September that includes three workshops and a social event.

If you are interested to participate and receive a  SPECIAL DISCOUNT FEE, please contact us at

More detailed programme and fees can be found on website: SDG.17 Consulting GmbH.


See you in Frankfurt!